Les (aka Lester) Francoeur is a world-class web and mobile app designer who has been studying New Media long before most had even heard the word. He is a pioneer of social networking and has been described as an innovator, visionary and creative thinker with a keen eye for design. Having lived in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Japan, Les incorporates his experiences and unique world perspective into each project with “a rare sense of global relevance and visual snap”. Today, Les resides in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA and is represented by several of the top creative agencies in the industry. He has worked for companies including Apple, Universal Records, Leap Motion, Conde Nast, MRM Worldwide, Future US, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility, RingCentral and Deluxe Digital Studios.



"Les is a very creative leader who can bring complex problems to their simplest forms and produce great results."

− Andy Malloy (VP Retail Operations at Crossmark)

"I met Les when he first moved to San Francisco, where I represented him as a recruiter — connecting him with design contracts in the area. At the time, his experience was limited to web design and in the year since I’ve worked with him, he has rapidly evolved as a designer, working with digital agencies on major brands, immersing himself in UX/UI and product design and establishing himself as a top designer in the area. He was hired over many top contenders to lead the UX redesign of a major publishing platform and got stellar reviews from his managers. It is a true testament to his work ethic, design skills and drive to see how far he has come in just one short year and I feel fortunate every day that I was able to work with him. It is only a matter of time before he is recognized as one of tech’s major design players."

− Alyssa Fetini (Design Recruiter at Facebook)

"Les is the positive, dependable, can-do attitude, skilled designer that everyone would want in their team. His unique multifaceted background allows him to be successful in a variety of tasks, thus making him a very valuable player in a team’s success story."

− Pietro Consavari (Creative Director at RingCentral)

"Apart from my personal evaluation, Les’s own collaborators described him as a creative thinker with a keen–and rare–sense of social design, global relevance and visual snap."

− Jon Ippolito (Professor of New Media at University of Maine)